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Engaging and Affordable Branding for Your Business

Whether you are looking to establish a modest presence for your business online or you are looking to be the next Facebook, OnlineDigs has the solution for your business. We pride ourselves with innovative design and adaptability to any budget. We build clean, high-converting, user friendly and straight-forward websites that are compatible with all web browsers and mobile devices. From basic informative sites to large interactive suites, our knowledgable staff will exceed your expectations. Packages start at just $399


Design Upgrades

  • Additional Design Revision – $75

  • Additional Design Concepts – $120

  • Blog / Forum / Gallery – $100 each

  • Addition of Video / MP3 Player – $175 each

  • Newsletter Design – $199

  • YouTube Page Design – $200

  • Custom Video integration - $200


Monthly Marketing Fees*

  • Basic On-Site SEO – $50

  • Retargeting Marketing Campaign to include producing content for your company and ranking your company's page to the 1st page of Google  - $250 (one-time fee).  Thereafter, $150 per month.


Social Media Management Services*

  • Multi-Platform Social Media Marketing (Bronze Plan). Service includes:

    • Manage 4 social media network accounts with 5 messages per day for 5 days a week of your choice

    • $175 initial setup fee & $150 per month.

  • Facebook Business Page Setup Plus Launching Facebook Ads and Tabs Campaign (Silver Plan). Service includes:

    • Bronze Plan plus updating your company's Facebook business page to fully utilize the new Facebook ads algorithm and tabs properly.

    • This will effectively create a Facebook mini-site which will (1) boost traffic to your company's "immediate-action" link on Facebook and/or another platform (2) generate better engagement increasing your company's popularity (3) increased leads and capture potential clients (4) ultimately boost sales virtually real-time. 

    • This service has proven to generate increased revenue within 30 days.

    • $200 initial setup fee.  Thereafter, $175 per month.  

  •  Facebook Viral Retargeting Service (Gold Plan) Service includes: 

    • Silver Plan plus launching top-tier retargeting tools within the Facebook database which “legally” leverages the power of Facebook to create viral gate pages, multiple social media swipes and collect potential client’s contact information all in a well-accepted mobile-friendly & responsive format as well.  Additionally, this service utilizes tools to drive volumes of traffic to your offer, thus building your list.  This is very useful with email marketing and with your social media offers, again ultimately giving you the ability to boost your revenue.

    • $275 initial setup fee.  Thereafter, $200 per month.


*Monthly and Social Media Services require an annual contract.


Photography Services

  • On-site photo shoot (2-hours) - $250

Graphics Design Services

  • Flier design: $75

  • Logo design: $200 - $750 (depending on the complexity of the desired design)

  • Business card design: $500 - $2,500 (depending on the complexity of the desired design)

  • Infographics: $100 - $2,000 (depending on the complexity of the desired design)

  • Note:  Infographic projects that require research and write copy will cost more than just the design.

  • Ebook design: $200 - $2,500

  • Note: $200 is for a short, simple opt-in asset to $2,500 for a longer, more complex ebook.

  • Illustrations: $90 - $465 (depending on the complexity of the desired design)

Video Production Services

  • Sports Highlight video production to include 2 revisions - $75

Digital Marketing Plan Consulting Services

  • Initial 30 min consultation - free

  • Each plan is customized to the client.  Call for details.


The complete process can take 1-3 weeks, depending on how long it takes for you to complete the revision rounds and approvals:

  1. After you purchase this listing we will send you a digital contract, work plan (with dates) and a set of questions that will help us learn more about your brand to be able to design an ideal website. One of these questions has to do with your brand's existing domain. In case you don't have one, we will be happy to assist you in purchasing one from a trustworthy vendor. At all times, your site's domain must be registered under your name and controllable by you; this guarantees the long-term stability of your web property.

  2. Once we get these answers from you, we will conduct research and create your website concept.

  3. We will get back to you via email for concept approval. We will continue to work on the design concept of your choice.

  4. You send back a first round of revisions. We work on the landing page to reflect all needed corrections. We send it back to you for a second and final round of revisions.

  5. We work on your corrections and send you a final design package with the deliverables outlined above.

Additional Information
1. Website Maintenance. OnlineDigs will provide ongoing site maintenance on a monthly basis for a fee of $175 per month.  Modifications to the site will be expected to be made in a reasonable time frame, usually within one (1) business day of submission of request in writing emailed to


2.Website Design & Production. OnlineDigs reserves all rights to provided design options and proprietary programming. Time of launch assumes the customer will make all technical and graphic decisions within one (1) business day of submission and promptly provide all requested materials within a week of contract signing.  OnlineDigs is not responsible for photos provided (if copyrighted). Website launches require written approval via email by the customer. 


2.Additional Changes. Any changes other than those changes allowed in the original assignment, in the structure of format, customization to templates, the structure of database, the flow chart, picture(s), text, and any other unexpected modifications will result in additional custom design and/or web programming charges.