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Digital Marketing
Not Using Video Marketing? You're Not In The Game!

Marketing has taken on a significantly broader meaning with the advent of digital advertising options, social media networks, blogging and video marketing.  And then there’s the array of offline marketing choices such as newspapers, billboards, magazines and television.


In recent years, one marketing form has trended higher than others.  That’s video marketing. Videos that combine animation, white board sketching and full motion video have the biggest impact on the viewers attention and engagement.  According to Cisco Forecast, video will represent 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by the end of 2017 & will rise to 80% by 2019.

Video has become one of the most powerful forms of marketing because millennials and older generations alike are turning to their mobile devices to browse the internet.   People’s attention spans have become shorter and shorter thanks to the heavily saturated, information-heavy era that we are living in.


Here are 5 effective ways savvy businesses are using video marketing:

1. To show off their corporate culture

2. To offer a sneak peak of a brand new product or service

3. To promote their brand or set a trend in motion

4. To clarify a complicated process

5. To provide the latest industry news


Videos don’t need to be lavish or expensive to be effective. Businesses are opting to pass on the $10, 000 and $15,000 price tag on full production videos and finding a local provider to produce less expensive short videos.  Get creative with video marketing and your video is guaranteed to be a success!


Need help?  We are a leading contemporary digital marketing agency offering unique, creative and effective services. Interested to learn more? Drop us a line, give us a call!

Freelance Digital Marketing Consulting
There’s a never-ending stream of exciting new projects to work on and clients to work with, and at the end of the day, a freelance marketer's work is about helping business grow.  That means a better livelihood for everyone involved. Our freelance digital marketing services include a well developed strategy incorporating various kinds of marketing plans for websites, blogs, local marketing including Google's Local Place Pages, AdWords, banners, and other methods of paid online advertising.   and even review sites all fall under the heading of digital media marketing is one of the components of digital marketing along with SEO, email marketing, PPV, PPC, banner advertising, mobile marketing and various forms of digital advertising – billboards, DTV (digital television), etc.  We use various digital channels, platforms and devices to get information, analyze it and communicate with the target client/audience.


We also develop a content marketing strategy inclusive of planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content for a specific audience and intended to inspire a business outcome. With over 90% of B2B and B2C marketers engaging in content marketing, it’s more important than ever to make sure your content stands out from the crowd.


With our methods, we ensure  an increase in marketshare that ultimately leads to a boost in revenue.

Digital Marketing Campaign Management
We start with a target to hit, and then hit it. Through strategy, experience and hard work, we keep propelling results from search, social and display campaigns for our clients. With our Digital Marketing Campaign Management Service, your organization is relevant to your customers by always engaging and assisting them no matter where they are or what device or platform they are using. With increased process productivity, streamlined communications, and an effective and efficient collaboration environment, we help brands drive their marketing performance with strong ROI. But it doesn't end there. We look at ways in which future technology can be fused with current brand strategies, enabling organizations to find inovative ways to engage with customers.

We have a solution for you! If you want a free consultation, give us a call at 407-900-4773 or fill out the form here However you contact us, we’re happy to discuss your needs and look forward to creating a solution for you.

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